Thermometer Engel Fridge Indoor Outdoor

$29.95 Inc GST

Thermometer Engel Fridge Indoor Outdoor.

Ideal for Waeco, Engel and all home fridges and freezers



Thermometer Engel Fridge Indoor Outdoor 

Ideal for Waeco, Engel and all home fridges and freezers.
Celsius or Farenheit Setting
Minimum – Maximum  Readings
Powered by 1 AAA Battery Not included.
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This magnetic thermometer features an external sensor with a thin lead designed to run between the fridge/freezer door rubber without breaking the seal.
A wide temperature range of – 50 C to + 70 C makes it suitable for cold stores, refrigerators, medicine storage cabinets, wine racks etc. 0.1 C resolution,+-1 C accuracy.
 Size: 65Lx40Wx18Dmm. Requires 1xAAA battery.


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