Temperature Sensor Lead – N2073 For Powertech and Manson Solar Charge Regulators


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Temperature Sensor Lead – N2073  Optional Accessory For Powertech and Manson Solar Charge Regulators

Suits Controllers , either Manson or Powertech 20Amp and 30 Amp Units

Suitable for solar charge controllers MP-3129, MP-3722, MP-3724, N2072, N2067 and N2071A.

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Optional Accessory to N 2071A, Temperature sensor connects to the charging circuit for compensated battery charging, better for your batteries

From Instruction Manual for above chargers:

4.4 Temperature Sensor (Optional):
When an external temperature sensor (optional accessory) is installed, the controller will adjust the Bulk and Float Charge Voltage according to the temperature of the battery type.
The regulation set point is 25ºC.
The Controller adjusts the BULK and FLOAT setpoints -0.03V /  Degrees C.
Only the factory provided temperature sensor (optional accessory) can be used.
If no temperature sensor is installed, the built in controller temp sensor will set the temperature of the battery at 25ºC

An integrated circuit temperature sensor, sealed in Epoxy mounted on an aluminum plate probe for larger exposure of sensing area.

It has a sensing temperature range of minus 40C to 100C .

Application with charge controllers
Mount the probe onto the side of battery with sticky tape and insert the stereo plug to the charge controller.


  • 3M long cable with 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Aluminum plate Probe :20X90mm.
  • Temperature Min deg.C Cont -40
  • Temperature Max deg.C Cont’ 100
  • Operating Output Voltage: (25 C) 2.98 V
  • Sensor Gain: 10mV / Deg C
  • DYNAMIC Impedance Ohm: 0.6
  • MAXIMUM Reverse Current: 15mA
  • MAXIMUM Forward Current: 10mA