Oscilloscope -100MHz LCD Digital Storage & Waveform Generator Q0203A


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Perfect for those in R&D, product development or service of complex electronic equipment. This compact benchtop oscilloscope features 2 channels with real-time sampling modes of 1GSa/s (25GS/s equivalent sampling rate). The 7” 64K colour TFT display offers a crisp display of both waveforms. The screen can be set up to simultaneously display the waveform plus indicate the measured wave voltage, peak to peak plus RMS, frequency, duty cycle etc. Using the USB lead and software supplied you are able to make realtime adjustments of the scope via the computer. Any stored data or settings can be either saved to a USB stick or downloaded direct to a PC. There is a comprehensive onboard help menu for ease of use. Being digital the overall size & weight is about 75% less than traditional CRT oscilloscopes.


  • 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope + Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator + Synchronizing Signal + External Trigger
  • Easy to use button layout
  • Large and clear 7”64K colour display
  • Oscilloscope: 1GSa/s Sample Rate, 100MHz Bandwidth
  • Huge selection of auto measurement functions
  • Powerful trigger functions: Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, Over time, Alternative
  • Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator: 25MHz, 12 bits resolution, 200MHz DDS, Arbitrary wave/square wave/sine wave/triangle wave/trapezoidal wave/pulse wave/DC
  • Support SD card, VGA function
  • Integrated USB host, support USB disk storage, USB interface/SD card system update


  • Bandwidth: 100MHz
  • Rise time: ≤3.5ns
  • Sample rate: 1GSa/s
  • Vertical sensitivity: 2mV/div – 10V/div
  • Record length (max): 40K
  • Trigger type: Edge, Video, Pulse, Slope, Over time, Alternative
  • Auto wave measurements: 32 parameters
  • Ports: USB, USB host, SD card
  • Mathematics: +, – , divide, multiply, FFT
  • Display: 178mm (7”) Colour TFT 800 x 480 pixels
  • Waveform range: 1Hz-25MHz
  • Waveforms: Sine, square, ramp, trapezium, AM/FM, arbitrary, exponent
  • Waveform Depth: 4KSa
  • Input Voltage: 100 – 240V AC
  • Dimensions: 385W x 245H x 200D mm
  • Weight: 2kg

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.