Monocrystalline Pre Wired Solar Panel Kit 40 Watt – 6 amp Regulator and clips


Monocrystalline Pre Wired Solar Panel Kit 40 Watt 6 amp Regulator and clips

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Monocrystalline Pre Wired Solar Panel Kit 40 Watt 6 amp Regulator and clips

Monocrystalline Solar Panel 40Watt 12 Volt

Ideal Electric fence charger.

In stock for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY , Price Includes POSTAGE Australia Wide!

Here we supply one of these panels,a 6 amp regulator, 1.2 meters of lead and alligator clips all connected and ready to use


Our supplier has been in business in Australia for 40 years so if there is a need for warranty claim within the next 25 years they are still going to be around, where will you go with some of the other rubbish when the fly by nighters that are selling them now are long gone?

These quality monocrystalline solar panels offer you the same robust construction and performance as the leading brand names, whilst also offering a nice cost saving. Despite being manufactured in China, they are definitely suitable for harsh Australian conditions. Each panel is also uniquely identified with a barcode serial number for traceability and warranty purposes, and the test results for each panel are logged with that serial number – so you can rest assured our factory means to ensure they supply a quality product and will stand by their claims of performance with our 25 year limited warranty.

25 year limited warranty
All our monocrystalline solar panels are covered by a 25 year limited warranty. This warranty covers the panels for defects in construction and manufacturing for a period of 24 months, and warrants that the electrical output will remain above 80% of its original rated output for a period of 25 years.


• Pmax: 40 Watts
• Rated voltage: 12V
• Voltage at pmax: 17.2V
• Current at pmax: 2.32A
• Open circuit voltage: 21.4V
• Short circuit current: 2.56A
• Weight: 4kg
• Dimensions: 545(L) x 645(W) x 23(D)mm
Kemo M149 Regulator Specs:
* Input: 14 to 22V (open circuit voltage), nominal 12V
* Max. input current: 6A
* Inrush voltage: battery voltage < approx. 13.2V
* Interrupting voltage: battery voltage > approx. 13.9V
* Own power consumption: <3.9mA (LEDs on)
* Dimensions: 72 x 50 x 34mm
1.2 meters lead and two alligator clips for connecting to your battery.


Compare this to what the Stock firms and others are charging,you will save at least $200.00


This unit is ideal for 40 to 70 km Electric fence units amongst other uses such as electric gates and camping.


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