Manson Heavy Duty Electronic 12V Battery Isolator ALTRONICS N2104


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Manson Heavy Duty Electronic 12V Battery Isolator ALTRONICS 


N2104 Heavy Duty Electronic 12V Battery Isolator
Designed for use in dual battery systems eg. a main battery and an auxiliary battery. The auxiliary battery can be connected to a load, such as a camping fridge, while the main battery is isolated and not subject to any current draw. This allows you to start your vehicle using the main battery if the auxiliary battery is flattened by the load. Automatically connects the auxiliary battery for charging once the main battery reaches the selected cut in voltage and disconnects it from charging when the main battery falls below the selected cut off voltage.
May also be used with a single battery, operating as a low voltage cutout to prevent over discharge.

• Solid state – no moving parts
• Low standby current and voltage drop
• Suits most lead acid batteries
• Over temperature, over voltage, over current and low voltage protection
• Single or dual battery use
• Manual override option
Max output current: 110A
Continuous output current: 100A
Voltage drop (main to aux batt.): 300mV
Cut in: Adjustable 12.9-13.8V dc
Cut out: Adjustable 10.5-13.0V dc
Operating temperature: -40 to +60°C
Dimensions (mm): 222 x 75 x 50

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