IRODA Micro-Therm MJ-600 Gas Flameless Heat Gun T2480


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IRODA Micro -Therm MJ-600 Gas Flameless Heat Gun T2480
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Designed to provide flameless heating, not a direct flame, for reducing heatshrink insulation without burning it. Once started, the tip generates instant heat regulated at the correct temperature for reducing heatshrink tubing (650°C). Powered by a refillable gas cartridge, and with trigger-actuated piezo electric starter, it makes heatshrinking a breeze! Includes a refillable gas cartridge suitable for 20 minutes operation.

important Note On Butane Gas
We recommend the use of high quality Iroda butane gas for use in all Iroda gas powered products. Inferior or lower grade butane may contain a higher level of impurities which will block the internal microscopic filters faster causing intermittent or complete failure.