Horizontal Float Switch 200V 1.0A S1160A


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Horizontal Float Switch 200V 1.0A S1160A

New model with increased current handling. Fully immersible. Ideal for water tank systems such as rain or waste water management, activating boat bilge pumps etc. Can be used to control pumps or electric valves when liquid levels change. Includes a waterproof membrane which mounts inside tank.

Specifications :

  • Switch type: SPST
  • Switching current: 1A DC
  • Contact rating 1.5A @ 200VDC (Max)
  • Contact resistance: 90mΩ
  • Insulation restistance: >10^10 Ω
  • Magnetic sensitivity: 20 – 50 AT
  • Operate time: 0.35ms
  • Flying lead length: 300mm
  • Temperature Rating: -55 to 70 degrees C

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.