Digital Insulation Tester MEGGER Auto Ranging 1000V Q1244




Insulation testers (MEGGER) measure the electrical insulation strength between two conductors by applying a high voltage across them and measuring any current that flows.
This is to test for “leakage” paths and insulation breakdown in electrical circuits. eg checking house wiring for leakage between active and neutral conductors or testing electrical appliances such as toasters, irons, electric motors etc.
Capable of measuring between 2MO and 2000MO at 250, 500 and 1000V.
Also includes AC voltage, resistance range, auto power off and LCD backlight.
Provided with three high voltage test leads, two test probes and one large croc clip lead.
Housed in a robust plastic case and includes a soft protective carry case.
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  • Complies with Australian Standards 
  • and comes with a TWO YEAR Warranty!

2MO – 2000MO range
AC voltage and resistance
Backlit LCD readout
“Push to test” activation
Auto power off
Tough plastic casing, plus soft carry case
High quality test probes
Batteries included
Cat II 600V

Insulation test range: 2M Ohm – 2000M Ohm
Test voltage: 250V, 500V, 1000V
Resistance: 200 Ohm
AC Voltage: 700V
Continuity: 50 Ohm threshold, audible tone
Display: 3.5 digit, 1999 count
Battery 6 x AA
Dimensions: 110W x 168L x 65H mm